Country Bird Holdings subsidiary Escolha Do Povo is a fully integrated agro-processing and poultry project which is located in the heart of the agricultural belt in Tete Province, Mozambique. The project shall supply local demand on all poultry related fronts and aims to establish itself as the only grain production, procurement and processing player in the Mozambican market.

    Escolha Do Povo has worked alongside the Mozambican Government to ensure that the projectsobjectives are closely aligned with those of Government – which are currently focused on combating the threat to National Food Security, creating employment and training opportunities for Mozambican Nationals, the development of small-scale agriculture and SMME business opportunities.

    Escolha Do Povo has been awarded National Priority Status by the President of Mozambique.

    Project roll out began in August 2015 and aims to be fully operational by November 2016 reaching phase 1 steady state production by March 2017.

    Location & Road Access
    Located in a small town called Vila Ulongue on the main trade route between Tete, Mozambique and Lilongwe in Malawi.

    Vila Ulongue is situated 200Km’s North West from Tete town or 100Km’s South East of Lilongwe, Malawi.  Road access is extremely good.

    Project Infrastructure & Capacity

    • Maize milling plant – 100tons/day Capacity
    • Feed plant infrastructure – 5ton/hour (Mash & Pellets)
    • Related storage infrastructure – 12,000 tons (circular and warehouse storage)
    • Commercial Hatchery – 100,000 Day old chicks/week (capacity to increase to 200,000/week)
    • Commercial Broiler Farm – Phase 1 will be 30,000 broilers/week
    • Commercial Abattoir – 50,000/week (single shift) and 100,000/week (double shift)


    1. Broiler Day old Chicks
    2. Processed chicken – whole birds, IQF and portions
    3. Stock feed – Broiler Feed and Layer Feed
    4. Super Maize Flour


    Contact details


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