• Ross Breeders Zambia Limited


    Incorporated in Zambia on 1st December 1999.

    Originally, the Chainda Farm in Chongwe was a combined Grandparent and Parent farm where hatching eggs were sent to our Mimosa Hatchery, situated South of Lusaka. In 2013, we expanded our operation and built a new hatchery on our Chainda Breeder Farm which is capable of hatching 500,000 chicks per week. This hatchery was commissioned in April 2014. Our Grandparent farm was purchased in 2013 this was a Greenfield venture, the final commissioning of the poultry sites and hatchery was in April 2015. Giving us greater isolation and compartmentalization options.

    Land was acquired in 2008 for our Stock feed plant, East of Lusaka. This was a Greenfield project and was commissioned in June 2009 and it is capable of producing 5,000 tonnes a month.

    Our Abattoir, which is situated on our Mimosa property, was commissioned in September 2015. This plant is capable of processing 160,000 birds per week.



    • Broiler Day old Chicks
    • Parent Day old Chicks
    • Broiler Hatching Eggs
    • Stock feed – Breeder feed, broiler feed, pig feed, layer feed and concentrates
    • Processed chicken – whole birds, IQF and portions

    Export destinations

    • Parent Day old Chicks
      Malawi, Botswana, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, DRC, Angola, Ghana, Uganda.
      Mode of transport to these destinations – Road and air (commercial and private charters)
    • Broiler Day old Chicks
      Mode of transport – Road
    • Hatching eggs
      Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana, DRC,
      Mode of transport – Road and air (commercial and private charters)
    • Stock feed 
      Mode of transport – Road
    • Processed chicken
      Mode of transport – Road

    Please note that any import requirements you have of our products stated above, kindly contact: rbzexports(at)

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